From the time Denise was a little girl, she knew she wanted to make a difference in the way people felt about themselves.  She immediately knew that she wanted to be a hairdresser.  From dolls, to her mother, then onto neighbors and friends; she pursued her dream.  From there she went to school, only to find after graduating that the world and each person is a canvas. 


After over 28 years in the business, hair has become even more than an art; doing hair has become a chance to make a difference in client’s lives.  Nothing makes Denise happier than putting smiles on the faces of clients because maybe that is exactly what that he/she has needed all day, month or even years.


Denise loves both cutting and coloring to her, each goes hand in hand.

Hair painting, fashion colors, short, or curly are some of her favorites.


        Level 4 Stylist

          Waxing Tech

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Entourage: noun, the group following and attending to some important person.

You are the most important person. Let us attend to all your beauty needs.





As a family salon in Flanders, NJ, Entourage Salon has something to accommodate everyone. From basic and beautiful, simple and classic, trendy and new, outrageous and avant-garde, we want to be with you from your first haircut to your diamond anniversary.

Since 2014, our salon and highly motivated staff have been on a path of constant growth and development. We believe in education. We know the value of knowledge and experience. Let us share it all with you.


Entourage Salon

30 International Drive South

Flanders, New Jersey 07836

973-426-0005 (call or text)

Open 7 days a week

Sunday  10 am -  5 pm

Mon-Fri  10 am -  8 pm

Saturday 9 am -  5 pm


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