Treat Yourself to our Beautiful Nail Services



Manicure                         $25

 A traditional manicure including shaping of the nails with a new file, cuticle work, massage, warm towel wrap, and polish.

Dip Powder Manicure    $45


OPI GelColor:  2 Week Gel Polish Manicure   $40

Tired of regular nail polish chipping after only a few days or smudging before you get home? Say goodbye to nicks, chips, and smudges… Say hello to beautifully flawless nails for up to 2 weeks! An LED cured polish with no dry time, and a mirror finish shine for 2 weeks. The best part- there is no damage to the natural nails for application or removal. 


Removal of Gel Polish 

Applied at Entourage Salon: no charge

Not applied at Entourage Salon: $5 and up


Spa Manicure

$40 with regular polish or buff shine finish

$60 with Gel Polish

An indulgent treatment for the hands! Nails are shaped to perfection then soaked iin a nourishing warm oil, which transforms into a milky moisture bath for the nails and surrounding skin. Cuticles work is next with a moisture pack massaged into each fingertip. Hands are then are exfoliated to gently polish away any impurities. A luxurious illuminating masque is applied to deeply condition and refine skin to a healthy glow. Hands then enjoy a relaxing massage with a rich, intensive hand cream to deeply moisturize and protect dry, parched skin. Nails are finished off with either a high shine buff, or polished to perfection. A great treatment for dehydrated nails and/or skin!

 French Polish    add $5

Classic Pedicure          

45 minutes                           $40 

A traditional pedicure which begins with soaking in an aromatic whirlpool footbath, nails are cut and/or shaped with a new file, cuticle work, calluses are buffed smooth, a relaxing massage, warm towel wrap, and perfect long lasting polish is applied.



Deluxe Spa Pedicure

75  minutes                          $60


Treat your feet to luxury! An additional exfoliating scrub to smooth skin from the knee down, a warm-thermal healing mask will deeply hydrate your heels and feet, enjoy a soothing warm towel, and finish with a long relaxing massage to improve circulation and deeply relax your mind and body. Toes are polished to a long lasting perfection, and feet feel like new!


Upgrade to Gel Polish

add $20

Gel Polish is dry immediately, so your toes can go right back into your cozy shoes in the cold weather months, or on a rainy day! Unlike traditional polish, gel polish resists chipping, and stays perfectly shiny for at least 4-6 weeks!

French Polish    add $5




Entourage: noun, the group following and attending to some important person.

You are the most important person. Let us attend to all your beauty needs.





As a family salon in Flanders, NJ, Entourage Salon has something to accommodate everyone. From basic and beautiful, simple and classic, trendy and new, outrageous and avant-garde, we want to be with you from your first haircut to your diamond anniversary.

Since 2014, our salon and highly motivated staff have been on a path of constant growth and development. We believe in education. We know the value of knowledge and experience. Let us share it all with you.


Entourage Salon

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